From the currently-defunct DigiFlonne archive.


From the currently-defunct DigiFlonne archive.

if you draw gigadis for me i will cry also i love you


Day 45

I remember I drew this originally as a bribe for Bosimba to put up the full Giga drama CD. This was inspired by her swaggy style too. (Included a black horn version because I thought it looked neat.)

Her love for this weirdo has touched my heart.

I REBLOGGED THIS WHEN TUMBLR WAS BEING DUMB APPARENTLY  LIKE A MONTH AGO AND IT DIDN’T POST cuz i couldn’t find it in any of my tags but. i still love this. thank you (´;ω;`)


Remember: All three of Kyary’s albums are available to purchase on locally-pressed CDs in the United States now! You no longer have to import them for expensive prices!

Her music is, of course, also available to purchase digitally worldwide!

what is. what have i been missing here.

like a month ago i was looking around and i found this somehow, it’s called shoukan kareshi and it’s all in japanese but most of the demon boys are pretty A+ tbh

i made a new line play! my code is VF-1429-4706

if u have one u should add me and give me your code too ;0